Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Good Magazine Article September 2017

Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed. I think its a combination of things but one of the biggest parts for sure has to do with my job. I think being given the unique privilege of coming face to face with some of the worst stories humanity has to offer does something to a person. It certainly has for me.Their stories stick with you, ya know. I don't go home and sleep easy after long days on the field.

And so recently when an amazing publication in New Zealand called Good Magazine came alongside me and said they wanted to give me an opportunity to talk to their readers, I was so touched. Someone cares. Someone is listening. A magazine that could choose to focus on the top 10 secrets to healthier looking skin is instead choosing to lean into social justice issues like these.

So I wrote this and I hope you get a second to read the online version of the print story. And when your done the skincare story is probably on page 73. Because you know, that also matters. Just second to these people.


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