Friday, December 3, 2010

Little Miracles

just a little story i wrote for the Watoto website :)

Watoto’s youngest students in Nursery, Kindergarten, Prep A and B classes today celebrated the end of the school year with a Graduation and Christmas Party. Coordinated by Teacher Evelyn Namboozo, the standard multipurpose hall was transformed into a wonderland of Christmas trees, ribbons, twinkling lights, balloons, streamers, gifts, sparkling tinsel.
As the mothers, teachers and leadership of Watoto Suubi Village filed into the hall, the atmosphere both inside and out was truly alight with the magical sounds, smells and sights of Christmas. Beginning with an opening prayer by a young kindergarten student “We thank you for our Mummies, we thank you for our party, we thank you for our daddies, In Jesus name I have prayed, Amen” the event was then broken up into three distinct themes. Nursery students were celebrating ‘God is creator’ and kicked their section of the event off with a number of songs, a quick drama and absolutely gorgeous faux paus all over the show. One in particular to note was when 2 year old Abigail got dressed up as baby Jesus and climbed into a crib wearing a onesie, beanie and sucking on a dummy. Only to promptly decide that she didn’t like playing Baby Jesus one bit and so climbed out of the crib by herself and went over to her Mum. Of course there was microphone grabbing, little ones forgetting their lines and enthusiastic waving to Mums going on as well.
Next up was the Kindergarten year level. Keeping in line with their theme of ‘God’s servant’ their colourful costumes and animated dance and drama kept the audience well entertained. Following them was the graduating Prep A and B students who carried on their theme ‘God is love. This year level will now go onto Primary School. After every year level had completed their performance, awards were given to students that had shown exemplarily behaviour and academic results during the school year. Awards were given out for categories like ‘Most Improved, Best Groomed, Academic Excellence, and Best Handwriting. Each student that received an award was applauded, congratulated and handed a special Christmas present.
Of course the morning wouldn’t have been complete without a visit from everyone’s favourite holiday character- SantaClaus! His arrival drew gasps of sheer delight followed by squeals of excitement. Topped off with some Christmas carols and candy for all the kids, it was a wonderful morning for our little miracles indeed.