Friday, February 14, 2020

Kampala Life Hacks:

Our family lived in Uganda for 6 years -  so as my parting gift I thought it might be helpful to open up our little black book of contacts. Please note, this information is current as at February 2020.

American Food – Verity Stores in Bugolobi is a fabulous place to go for American treats.  Plot 10-12 Mulwana Road, Industrial Area, Kampala 0750 324 627 or
Artists –
I love supporting local artists that do beautiful work. Two I’ve worked with on multiple pieces are Mahony 0752543136 and Ricky 0782704083 or 0701033068
Beauty – Beatrice does waxing 0772 471 385 and Rona does eyelash extensions 0778 444 386.

Canvas Prints –
Decorating your home in Kampala is challenging at the best of times. Kenneth 0782 369 828 is the best person to print anything you need onto canvas. He also prints photographs. His email Is  and he delivers.
Clothes – It’s hard to find clothes for yourself and kids in Kampala. If you don’t want to rummage through bargains at a local market I can recommend Sarah at Kampala Dresses who scouts Owino for you and sells the dresses at 30k each. You can find her on Facebook. Chloe’s Closet  0784 814 748 is the best one to go to for high end designer ware.  And in a pinch I visit Mr. Price at Acacia Mall or Pep in Kabalagala.
Counselling Services – Tumaini Kampala
– Robert is on time, reliable and charges a fair price 90k from Kansanga to the Airport. He’s also picked me up from Tanzania before and driven me back. Day rate should be 200k. 0772 439 870
Doctors – Our entire family uses The Clinic at Bugolobi Village Mall 0392 177 283 . If the issue is for a child under 2 I would highly recommend Doctor Michael at Nakasero Annex.
– The best florist in town is 1921 Lifestyle 0772 419 295. They deliver and import their gorgeous flowers and are the next level up if you’re looking for something better than the 10k variety at the supermarket.  
Framing –Kenneth (mentioned under canvas) does framing but you can also contact Tagaframe or visit their workshop in Kismenti. Taga Nuwagaba, 0772 500 286 or
Food – For the best donuts and cinnamon rolls you need to know about Simply Donuts. You can find them on Facebook. They deliver. If you need apples or absolutely delicious spaghetti sauce, Jane Mutesi is your go to girl. 0777 358 437. For the best Indian food, it’s got to be Khazana Verandah in Muyenga. For the best steak it’s Cantina Divino in Kololo.
Fumigation – We use Eco Nation 0774 623 044
Furniture Maker  - Our huge black couch was made by Didas Kamugisha , Namuwongo 0782171789 or 0705586755
Glass Guy – Kaja makes drinking glasses out of old wine bottles. They are 4-5k each compared to 10k at Good Glass. His “store” is next to Prifare on Kiwafu Road. 0793383829.
Gymanstics – Ben is a wonderful coach. He comes to our home during the school holidays and does lessons for the kids.  10-15k each. 0776548399.
Hairdresser – Erika at Mirror Salon is fabulous at cutting every type of hair. Her salon on Tank Hill is relaxing and peaceful. 0785 528 294. Approximately 70-80k for a wash, cut, blow dry
Masseuse – Bosco is the BEST massage/physio therapist I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. 0752 263 227. He comes to your home with his own table – you provide the towels/sheets and it’s 80k for an hour of getting those knots out and leaving you healthier than when you began.
Mosquito Net –
Wilbur specialises in gorgeous safari style tie up mosquito nets. They are expensive but they are beautiful – 0785 231 157.
– Marvin has been great to our family. 0777140900.
- For live music there’s no one better than Herbet Ssensamba  - 0702 457 125
Pedicure – Bishop is HANDS DOWN the best pedicure man in the city! He comes to your house, brings all the items he needs and is clean, tidy and calm to work with. 0777028683.
Playground –
Our kids are obsessed with Prifare on Kiwafu Road in Kansanga. 0781706543.
– Karibu Media specialises in family photographs (they also do interiors, schools, NGO etc) and do a fabulous job. 0773 320 625
Rugs – Villa Kololo (Kismenti) and Mr Price (Acacia Mall)
Ugandan Hair – We love Prossy, she comes to the house, does my daughters hair in braids or twists and charges a fair price.  0774338709.
Wood Engraver – Jude - 0392886526 or 0772 459 129