Monday, January 7, 2019

Our Family's EPIC 60 Hour Journey to surprise our family at Christmas

Friends, the reason I've been so quiet lately is because we've been planning the best surprise we've ever done. Coming home to New Zealand for a visit with our son (a newly appointed Kiwi citizen). What was supposed to be a 'mere' 35 hours door to door turned out to be 60 hours door to door after Kenya airways had multiple delayed flights.

We decided to film 5 second clips from the moment we left our house until the moment we surprised our families. Little did we know the gigantic journey we were about to embark on.

It's a rough and ready video, but it's raw and real.
And if you just want to get to the best part, forward to 3:38.

Filming: Tim and I.
Spliced together by: My graciously patient brother Joshua Buckley.
Music: PEACE by Hillsong Young and Free
Surprising our family at Christmas: Priceless.