Monday, April 21, 2014

Why we're living below the line...

Helen and I are going to be Living Below The Line. Live Below the Line is a global campaign and five day challenge that encourages people to live on the equivalent poverty line ($2.25NZ) for their food and drink for five days. We're going to be doing the American version of LBL this year on $1.50US for Tutapona from April 28-May 2.
I for one am not looking forward to it! Why would someone choose to do such a thing? The idea I guess is to get people to experience one of the challenges faced by the world’s poorest if only for a short while. We still live in nice houses and drive cars and carry on with all the usual comforts of life, except for food.
As well as creating understanding and empathy the campaign is designed to raise funds for important work. We would love it if YOU could help by sponsoring us to live below the line. All the money raised will go to our trauma rehabilitation programme with some of the world’s poorest people. We believe the programme gives people hope and a chance to move forward with their lives after coming through some pretty difficult stuff- in short it helps them get above the line.
Tutapona wants to raise $15,000!
My target is $500 and Helen's is $250.
Can you help us get there?
You can support me here and her here.
Thanks in advance for your generosity!


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