Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Love is on the Way

Last week I was asked to photograph the Daughters of Destiny event at Watoto Church Central with guest speaker Bobbie Houston. Here's the story and some images from the event.
Hot on the heels of last night’s electric Big Party here in Uganda, the women of the city gathered together for a special edition Daughters of Destiny event this afternoon at Watoto Church Central. Heralding all the way from Sydney, Australia, Pastor Bobbie Houston is the Senior Pastor of popular Hillsong Church and a long-time friend of Watoto Ministries.

A tangible sense of excitement steadily built as the venue packed out with thousands of African women ready to sing God’s praises and hear his word. Women of all ages, tribes and tongues crowded the venue in such huge numbers there were hundreds standing around the edges and filling the choir seats on the stage!
Starting with incredible praise and worship led by the Watoto Church team, Marilyn then got down on her knees as a sign of respect to the woman “without whom we would not be here today”. Introducing Bobbie Houston brought the congregation to their feet before she began to share her sermon, Love is on the Way. Bobbie shared with the thousands of women in attendance about the importance of grace in our everyday lives. In trusting a God who is always for us. In speaking grace to the tough situations we face in our lives. “God is in our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. He’s in our March, April and December too”. Event attendee and Watoto babies home volunteer, Annette Carey, said; “What an afternoon. I feel encouraged, uplifted and inspired”.  All the women left with a spring in their step into the warm dry breeze covering the city.
We hope you can join us next time!


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