Friday, January 31, 2014

South Sudan Photo Essay

The following is a small selection of images I took during our time with the UN in the South Sudan Adjumani Refugee Camp. More photos can be seen here

This South Sudanese mother to be takes a moment to rest in the Maternity Health Clinic in Adjumani. After fleeing the war in her home country, this mother faces an uncertain future for herself and her baby. 

These children are holding their parents place in line for water at the Registration area for South Sudanese refugees

Waiting. At Adjumani Refugee Registration Camp

Each registered refugee family is given a 30x30ft plot of land to start their new life. They can choose to live here for the rest of their lives or to find accomodation elsewhere. The landscape is challenging and the tools provided minimal but resillience is a characteristic the Sudanese know all to well

100 people sleep inside these tents every night
Waiting for water can be an all day exercise 
Each day thousands of South Sudanese people line up their buckets/paint pails and bowls for food supplies
Adjumani Refugee Camp Transistion Centre
This mother and her children rest inside a tent provided by the UN
Children have an extraordinary ability to bring a smile despite unspeakable hardship
This South Sudanese girl is resting inside one of the UN tents provided to her and 99 others for sleeping each night
This South Sudanese grandma is standing on her 30x30ft plot of land. There is no men to build her home for her.
Adjumani Refugee Transistion Centre
Adjumani Refugee Transistion Centre
Tim and Carl from Tutapona are taken around the South Sudan refugee camp in Adjumani

A young South Sudanese refugee takes a moment outside the health centre in Adjumani

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