Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Behind the Nets

Oh my goodness gracious, I've been so excited to share these images with you and now finally, finally, finally I can! You may recall that in December last year I went on a trip to Ghana. I was travelling with Compassion Australia to help them gather photos and stories for this years Hillsong Colour Conference. Well, Colour launched last week and so today I bring you the 14 images that meant the most to me.

But first, read this.

Ghana hosts the largest man-made lake in the world. It's beautiful, but there's a very dark underbelly to it's beauty. The slavery of thousands of children that are brought to work on it. Recruited as young as five for their little fingers to untie nets, their ability to hold their breath for long periods of time and their inability to fight back. We met children that were once enslaved on this lake and spent days untangling their stories and listening as hard as we could to help understand the situation at hand for them and their friends. Behind every net is a story. 

Compassion International has one goal. Releasing children from poverty in Jesus name. In every developing country that comes to life in a slightly different way. But in Ghana, on Lake Volta it looks like making sure every child in their program is known, loved and protected. By sponsoring a child with Compassion, that child is placed in school, given nutritious food, and a safe place to play aware from the allure of evil traffickers preying around their villages. I hope these images help bring a small part of that reality to life for you.


A Compassion Project on Lake Volta